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School Telephone

The school is served by very few telephone lines. It is necessary to limit pupil use of the phone to school related matters only. Permission to call home about visiting a friend after school is not considered an emergency. Arrangements for after school activities should be made prior to the school day. ;Students should remember to bring books, homework, papers, and musical instruments so that they will not need to call home from school. The school telephone number is 425.431.7374.

Lost and Found

1. Articles of clothing or other items found on the school grounds are put in the Lost and Found box under the main courtyard stairs.

2. Any article which is marked with a child"s name may be returned to that child. Unidentified items are put into the "Lost and Found" box until the end of the month.

3. Items not claimed will be sent to our District clothing center and distributed to appropriate students.

Clothes For Kids

Clothes for Kids, a local non-profit organization is available to district students and families. The organization provides clothing and school supplies. If you wish to receive or donate items, please call 425.431.7285 for more specific information.

Personal Belongings

Please do not allow your children to bring items of monetary value to school. These items might include but are not limited to jewelry, I-Pods, toys, digital e-readers ;and electronic games. Edmonds Elementary assumes no liability for damaged, lost or stolen items (including money) that are left in classrooms, or in the student"s possession. Please label all other belongings (lunch boxes, items of removable clothing, etc.). Students should only bring items to school that they use for learning.

Cell Phones

If your child brings a cell phone to school it must be turned off and stored in their backpacks during ALL school hours. Any cell phones not stored in this manner will be turned into the principal. Parents may be asked to pick-up the cell phone in the school office.


Bicycle riders are expected to obey the traffic rules that apply to vehicles. It is the parents" responsibility to decide whether or not their child has enough skill and judgment to ride safely. Parents who want their kindergarten, first and second grade child to ride bicycles to school are to send a note of parent approval to the office for principal approval. The school assumes no responsibility for bicycles, scooters, roller blades and skateboards that are brought to school. All bicycles should be locked.

1. All riders must wear protective headgear.

2. Ride on the right-hand side of the road (with the traffic).

3. Use the crosswalks when crossing the street at school.

4. Ride single file and use extreme care when approaching children walking to and from school.

5. Lock and park bicycles in the assigned areas.

6. No bicycles near the buses that are loading or unloading.

7. Students must walk bikes / skateboards / roller blades at all times on school property.

8. Skateboards, scooters, and roller blades are not to be used on school grounds at any time.

Rainy Days

It is our intent to send students outside every day at every recess. We do not have a covered area so that means, when there is a drizzle or light rain your child needs to have a heavy sweatshirt, sweater or coat and preferably closed-toed shoes. There are rare occasions ;when we have indoor recess, but please send your child with clothing that will keep them warm and dry even in wet weather.


All students have a selection of three main dishes at lunch each day. A salad bar with fruits and fresh vegetables is part of the lunch selection as is the choice of chocolate or regular milk. Children are permitted to make their own choices at lunch. If you wish to provide guidance to your child regarding their lunch choice, please discuss it with them. A monthly menu calendar sent home with students provides information about the rotating main dish offered each day. Kindergarten students are served first and provided with assistance in purchasing their lunch and getting started.

Students may purchase lunch with cash on a daily basis or may pre-pay online. Checks for lunches are to be made out to ;Edmonds ;School District ;and your child"s name and room number should be noted on the check.

The meals costs for Elementary students for the 2016-17 school year:

Breakfast- $1.50

Lunch -$2.95

Milk -$0.50

Students may also bring lunch from home. For safety reasons, we request that ;no glass containers be brought to school. Students are encouraged to bring water, milk, or other fruit juices with their lunch.


Breakfast is served in the gym, starting at 7:30 am. A hot breakfast item and/or cereal, milk and juice are usually available, although hot breakfast is not served the morning after long breaks. Breakfast is not served the last day of school.

Free and Reduced Lunch/Breakfast

If you have a financial need, your child may qualify for free or reduced lunch and breakfast. Be sure to ask the school office for more information.You may apply for the free and reduced lunch program at any time should your financial situation changes during the year. Meals costs for this program:

Breakfast- Free

Lunch K-3 -Free

Lunch 4-6 -$0.40


Pets are not allowed at school. The Edmonds School District is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all students and staff. It is the policy of the Edmonds School District to only allow animals inside District schools and buildings as defined below.

Animals which will be allowed in and on school property are: service dogs; therapy dogs which have been approved by the District and which support a District program or curriculum; animals which are used as part of a District approved curriculum; and turtles (greater than four inches), fish and frogs kept in clean and maintained aquariums. Service and therapy dogs must have current vaccinations, be trained and registered, and kept on leashes. Any animal may be restricted from school property should the animal become aggressive or a nuisance, including service and/or therapy dogs.

No other animals are to access District school buildings or vehicles with students, parents or staff. These include dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, reptiles and snakes, tarantulas, ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rats, birds, horses and ponies, dead animals, animal parts, and ant farms. The Superintendent shall establish procedures to ensure health and safety for staff and students when animals are brought onto school property.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday balloons and/or flowers are not allowed in the classroom for celebrations. Students have allergies and the presence of these items distracts from student learning. If these items are brought to school, they will be kept in the office during the school day and students can pick them up when school concludes. ;

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